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Lettuce, an annual plant of the aster or sunflower family, oten grown as a leaf vegetable.  It comes in lots of different shapes, sizes, and flavors: arugula, mini-Bibb, endives, Butterhead, Iceberg, Red Leaf, Romaine (head and leaf).  Selection: look for signs of appropriate freshness, e.g., for Iceberg and Romaine, lettuce leaves should be crisp, while other lettuce types should be softer.  Look for bright color too.  Nutrients: Lettuce is a good source fiber, (~2 grams), vitamin A ( ~20% of daily value), vitamin C (3.7 milligrams or 4% of the daily value), and potassium (5% of daily value). 

Featured Recipe

Lettuce (mixed greens of any variety) works well as side or main.  Shreded, tossed, or's sure to add color and flavor to your meal. We're sure that you have a favorite salad, so instead of a featured recipe, we offer these tips: For all lettuce types, remove any browned, slimy or wilted leaves.  Wash and pat dry to remove dirt or insects.  A salad spinner is makes cleaning lettuce easy.  Slicing lettuce with a knife can cause browning in lettuce, so if you do use a knife to prepare it for salad or grilling, plan to eat it within a few days.  Lettuce can also be braised, steamed sautéed or grilled.  For grilling, brush with olive oil and grill until the lettuce softens and begins to brown.   Eat and enjoy!  

Food for Thought

At Nourse Farm we want folks to have a healthy relationship with food so we offer these resources where agriculture, nutrition, food preparation and people come together. Since we all eat food, let's become more connected with our food system together.  Visit us on the farm or check out these recommended readings because food matters when we are able to make smart choices for healthy bodies and a healthy planet.  The latest edition of the Nourse Farm cookbook is READY.  Download it here.