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Honey, the golden nectar of bees dating back over 150 million years! The honey bees take nectar from flowers and plants and bring it to the hive.  The worker bees then add enzymes to the nectar that take away the nectar’s moisture and turn it into raw honey.  This raw honey is stored in the honey combs for future use. Normally honey bees will start collecting nectar during the spring because of all the flowers in bloom.  Store honey at room temperature. Honey will not “go bad” but will crystallize and become solid over time.  If honey becomes solid, place bottle in a bowl of warm water and remove when liquid form returns

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Honey is a sugar and should be used like one (to make dishes sweet).  It can be substituted in baking by reducing liquid in the recipe by ¼ cup of each cup of honey used or decreasing the oven temperature by 25 degrees F to prevent over-browning. Honey also pairs well on fresh bread or when tossed with nuts, trail mix and granola bars.  As promised, Amy Wilichowski developed a sweet snack, Peanut Butter and Banana Choco Cups, featuring Nourse Farm honey.  Enjoy!  

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At Nourse Farm we want folks to have a healthy relationship with food so we offer these resources where agriculture, nutrition, food preparation and people come together. Since we all eat food, let's become more connected with our food system together.  Visit us on the farm or check out these recommended readings because food matters when we are able to make smart choices for healthy bodies and a healthy planet.  The new edition of the Nourse Farm cookbook is READY.  Download it here.