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Honey, a favorite natural sweetener, is produced by many bees that live most of the year in ~30 hives on Nourse Farm. The way honey tastes is related to the location, season, and surrounding vegetation.  So, plant variety influences a honey’s flavor, aroma, and color. Selection: When choosing your honey keep in mind that the lighter colored honeys’ flavor is a milder taste while darker colored honey flavors are much stronger.  Nutrients: Per tablespoon, honey contains 65 calories, 17g carbohydrates, no fat, and small traces of protein.

Featured Recipe

Honey has been recognized as a natural remedy for fighting colds and assisting in digestion.  When choosing raw honey, do note that it can contain significant amounts of antioxidants. It can be substituted in baking by reducing liquid in the recipe by ¼ cup of each cup of honey used or decreasing the oven temperature by 25 degrees F to prevent overbrowning. Honey pairs well on fresh bread or when tossed with nuts, trail mix and granola bars.  It’s a sweet treat. Since honey is so delicious in teas, baked goods or by the spoonful, we’d love to hear your favorite recipes.   .  

Food for Thought

At Nourse Farm we want folks to have a healthy relationship with food so we offer these resources where agriculture, nutrition, food preparation and people come together. Since we all eat food, let's become more connected with our food system together.  Visit us on the farm or check out these recommended readings because food matters when we are able to make smart choices for healthy bodies and a healthy planet.  The latest edition of the Nourse Farm cookbook is READY.  Download it here.