World Environment Day 2018: Beat Plastic Pollution!

With the official Earth Day celebrated earlier this year and World Environment Day today,  Nourse Farm reflects on its efforts in support of these international awareness raising campaigns.  The 2018 themes, End Plastic Pollution, and Beat Plastic Pollution, challenge us to protect and preserve our world with a specific focus on the environmental, climate and health consequences of using plastics. 

We wanted to take a moment and highlight a few of the ways in which Nourse Farm works to reduce plastic consumption.    

Glass jars and labels:  Many of you have probably noticed our message on the top label of our value-added products, like our top selling jams and jellies, “please reuse this jam jar”...and a lot of you have shared creative ways in which you reuse our jars—your own food preservation—be it canning or freezing; storage of leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch; a flower or herb vase; and even as a pencil/pen receptacle on your desk.  As well, there are any of you who return your jars so that we can reuse them in farm operations—thanks (BTW).     

Reusable Bags and Containers—we took your suggestions in 2016 and began selling reusable tote bags in the summer of 2017, offering two varieties: a woven tote bag and a canvas tote bag.  We even SOLD OUT of the canvas ones last year.  Given their popularity, we brought them back for purchase in 2018 and hope that you bring them back for shopping this coming season.  We also welcome and give an enthusiastic “tip of the cap” for the reuse or repurpose of our berry pint, quart and flat containers, as well as all of the ones we see folks bringing from home.  Start planning for PYO now and put your BYO (bring your own) container in the car. 

Paper Bags in the Farm Store:  we have made the switch from plastic (minus the leftovers from 2017) to paper bags in our Farm Store.  As well, you’ll likely hear our cashiers asking “would you like a bag” in reference to your purchases.  Just another example of Nourse Farm doing its part to ensure that we are environmental stewards. 

Nourse Farm would like to know how you want to beat plastic pollution, this World Environment Day (and any day, really).  Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the space below or with an email to    

Eat well to be well...(and reduce plastic consumption)!