Food/Enviro Literacy: Every day is Earth Day!

With the official Earth Day celebrated today, April 22nd, Nourse Farm reflects on its perspective of the international day designated to celebrate our planet.  The 2017 theme, Environmental & Climate Literacy, challenges us all to foster a global citizenry who understand and act to protect and preserve our world. 

Using the “think globally, act locally” approach, Nourse Farm led local food system discussions and demonstrations at Armstrong Elementary School.  Catherine Nourse, Resident Dietitian, facilitated the preparation and tasting of a seasonal, plant-based recipe for ~50 students (grades K – 3).  It’s another way that we promote person and planet health (and a more food/enviro-literate community) within Westborough.   

Building on the Farm to School concept, we prepared SuperFood Smoothies, a seasonal spring recipeAs part of the learning, we highlighted the route our food takes before it arrives at the table.  We connected most of our main ingredients (spinach, blueberries, honey and water) from their point of origin at Nourse Farm and discussed how fruits and vegetable grow.  Next the students measured, mixed and sampled the fruits (and veggies) of their labor. 

The tasting received an overwhelmingly positive response...a 94% approval rating, with compliments like, “spinach actually tastes good”, “blueberries are the best”, and “can I have more”.   The hands-on learning reinforced the students’ abilities to prepare and not just eat (or drink) their food, whether it’s tearing spinach, measuring a teaspoon of honey or pressing the button on the blender.  Parent/family handouts were created and sent home to reinforce the food and nutrition aspects of the different ingredients. 

Thanks to the Extended Day Program at Armstrong Elementary for their hospitality, allowing for the opportunity to promote local, seasonal foods for our future food/enviro literate decision makers.

Eat well to be well...