Other Ways to Show the Love in February: Heart Health and CSA Day!

Valentine’s Day is usually a top identifier for the month of February—chocolate, greeting cards, flowers—all symbols of how one can “show the love”, right?  Well, what if we broadened our scope for the year’s shortest month and considered other February happenings (Heart Health, CSA Day) that in their own way express similar sentiment.       

Heart Health Month:—In 1964 President Johnson first proclaimed that February would serve as the month for awareness raising about heart disease and its prevention.  Though the death rate from heart disease has declined, it still remains the leading cause of death for men and women in the US.  Efforts continue to focus on prevention, detection and treatment.  One focus of prevention is a heart healthy diet:  a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or nonfat dairy, skinless poultry, fish, nuts, legumes and non-tropical vegetable oils.  For our part, Nourse Farm will be planning its 2017 fruit and vegetable offerings.  We’re looking forward to getting in the greenhouse soon and “showing you the love” with delicious, nutrient dense foods this summer and fall. 

CSA Day:  Designed as a way to showcase community supported agriculture, CSA Day is based on the data analysis of Small Farm Central, a company who promotes the experience of farming through quality resources.  One of their resources, the 2015 CSA Farming Annual Report documented that the most popular day for CSA enrollment was the last Friday in February.  As a result, the first National CSA Day was created in 2015.  And in 2017, the CSA Day is Friday, February 24th.  For our part, Nourse Farm will join over 200 farms and 50,000 CSA members as we “show the love” for community supported agriculture.  Be sure to check our Facebook page for additional details regarding CSA Day 2017 later this month.  

Drop us a line and let Nourse Farm know how you “show the love”...eat well to be well...