Spiralizer: Something with a Twist!


Hey everyone! I’m Megan Antoniazzi, a Nutrition Educator Intern at Nourse Farm, where I have been assisting with new recipes, creating food focus sheets, and conducting food demonstrations (demos).  This blog post focuses on the demo part of my work completed the last Friday in July.  It highlights a new technique (spiralizing) that anyone can use for some of the harvested items (e.g., zucchini, potatoes, carrots, potatoes) you might select from Nourse Farm.   

My Experience

On Thursday nights at my house we have “Pasta Night.”  These nights are fun since I LOVE PASTA (like any Italian), but it can get repetitive.  So, I decided to mix things up, or maybe I should say, “twist” things up and introduced a new, yet familiar and delicious entrée reminiscent of pasta. The entrée I made for my family was spiralized zucchini with garlic and olive oil sauce, yum!  And it was a hit! 

The spiralizer I used was the hand-held Veggetti brand, an easily accessible kitchen tool.  It is low-tech and user-friendly! It comes with a small instruction booklet that features great recipes.  I selected the Garlic and Olive Oil sauce recipe. Additionally, it includes a cooking table with 3 different methods of cooking for squash, carrots, and potatoes, even cucumbers. 

Taken from the Veggetti Gourmet Recipe Guide and Instructions, the basics of how to use this spiralizer:

1.      Clean and dry vegetables before using them with the spiralizer.

2.      Hold the spiralizer strictly on the metal handles to prevent injury.

3.      Insert the vegetable into either the thick cut side or the thin cut side.

4.      Twist the vegetable clockwise over a bowl, container, or cutting board until it reaches the end part of the vegetable.

I highly recommend this tool. It can assist you to new entrees or spice up some old ones, like salads, side dishes, pasta, and more! This is also a great option for those who have Celiac Disease or any level of gluten-intolerance. Try it yourself and enjoy a new twist! --Megan