Spring Forward!

Spring Forward with National Ag Day, World Water Day and National Nutrition Month!

Can you feel it?  With warmer temperatures this week, the killdeer chirping, five calves running around the farm, and green leaves in contrast to brown soil, it certainly seems as though spring has arrived at Nourse Farm.  While we wait for its full arrival, there’s cause for pause to celebrate many of March’s special milestones:  National Ag Day, World Water Day and National Nutrition Month.   

National Ag Day—March 15, 2016—Hosted by the Agriculture Council of America, this day is dedicated to raising the public’s awareness about the essential role that agriculture (food and fiber) plays in our communities...did you know that one American farmer feeds ~155 people worldwide?  Or that Massachusetts was one of the few states to have seen a rise in growth of farms and farmland?  Or that First PEAS to the Table is the 2016 America Farm Bureau Book of the Year?  For our part, Nourse Farm will be celebrating by getting back in the greenhouse, planting seeds and transplanting seedlings. 

World Water Day—March 22nd, 2016—an international day created by the United Nations as a way to learn more about the world’s most precious resource.  This year’s theme is “water and jobs” with a focus on the power of water and jobs to transform lives...did you know that ~half of the 1.5 billion workers are employed in the water-related sector (worldwide)?  Or that the Quabbin/Wachusett water system demands in 2015 were 206.57 million gallons/day?  At Nourse Farm, we appreciate our good fortune on World Water Day as we are blessed with natural springs which are utilized during dry periods.  This year we’re investing in increased irrigation capacity to ensure that new plantings will be nourished throughout this and future summers.   

National Nutrition Month—March 2016—the annual campaign hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to promote the importance of making informed food choices to develop and sustain healthy eating and physical activity habits.  This year’s theme is “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right” and encourages individuals and families to enjoy food and its healthful pleasures.  Did you know that the USDA released new Dietary Guidelines this year?  Or that MyPlate offers free resources about food and nutrition?  We're contributing to the campaign at Nourse Farm by growing some of the most powerful superfoods (blueberries, spinach, pumpkins, red bell peppers) and providing recipes throughout the harvest so customers can use them most effectively.  

Eat well to be well...