CSA Sign-Up Day 2016: Buy a Share, Help Us Grow!

CSA Sign-Up Day 2016:  Buy a Share, Help Us Grow!

What is CSA Sign-Up Day, you ask?  Great question...CSA Sign-Up Day is part of the larger CSA Day, celebrated this year on the 26th of February.  Designed as a way to showcase community supported agriculture, CSA Day is based on the data analysis of Small Farm Central, a company who promotes the experience of farming through quality resources.  One of their resources, the 2014 CSA Farming Annual Report documented that the most popular day for CSA Sign-Ups was Friday, February 28th.  As a result, the first National CSA Sign-Up Day was created in 2015.  And in 2016, the national “sign-up day” is this Friday (only 2 days away).   

Nourse Farm is excited to join over 200 farms and 50,000 CSA members as part of CSA Sign-Up Day 2016 and is pleased to offer its own promotion:  a free week of CSA produce...that’s right, complete your membership application this weekend (Friday, February 26th through Sunday, February 28th) and receive a discount worth $30 off our Family Share, $22.50 off our Two-Person Share, and $15 off our Individual Share.  So, Buy a Share and Help Us Grow and know that Nourse Farm looks forward to serving you yummy fruits and veggies all summer long!  

Eat well to be well...