Celebrate National Fruit and Vegetable Month!

June is the month to celebrate fruits and vegetables...from asparagus to zucchini and every bean in between. 

Nourse Farm is certainly pleased to mark National Fruit and Vegetable Month with you.  Two weeks ago we began participation in the Westborough Farmer’s Market and one week ago we launched the 2015 CSA (Community Supported Agriculture.  Needless to say, we certainly enjoy providing Westborough and its environs fresh, local fruit and veggie offerings. 

A few weeks ago the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) suggested a range of actions or activities (from growing your own food to choosing food with less packaging to encouraging policy makers to support sustainable agriculture) in support of World Environment Day.  We connected with the proposal to “consume food more responsibly”.  As participants in a short food chain, Nourse Farm wants to encourage its customers to make conscientious food choices. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to support you to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables every day.   As an integral part of our Nourse Farm website, we created the Food Matters page, a central location for information about different harvest products.  We feature a particular “focus food”, its complimentary recipe and suggest other resources to provide you “food for thought”. 

For additional ideas about ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables every day, visit Fruits and Veggies, More Matters or the United States Department of Agriculture.  Nourse Farm would like to know how you celebrate fruits and vegetables this month (or any month).  Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the space below or with an email to catherine@noursefarm.com

Eat well to be well...