Food Revolution Day! What's that?!

Did you know that May 15, 2015 is Food Revolution Day?  Yes, today, recognizes a global campaign to promote practical food education for students. 

Created by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as a way to combat the increasing prevalence of diet-related diseases, the Food Revolution movement seeks to teach children about our food system (from production to consumption and all parts in between) with the premise that better connectedness with food = enhanced nutrition = improved health outcomes.   Much needed, right?  We think so!

As you know, Nourse Farm believes that connecting folks (students, their parents, really anyone who eats) to good food is critical for a healthy relationship with food.  While we’re not sure that is a “revolutionary” concept, we are excited to contribute to the global food revolution locally. 

Earlier this month, Nourse Farm Nutritionist, Catherine Nourse, was selected as a Kids Eat Right Future of Food Grantee.  Sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Kids Eat Right Foundation, she was chosen to be the Massachusetts representative.  This year’s theme is “Smart Choices.  For a Healthy Planet” aligns well with the farming practices and food choices at Nourse Farm.  Details about the Future of Food activities will be posted on our Events page. 

Recognizing that there may be a little rebel in all of us, we’re wondering how you might “revolutionize” your food choices?!  Send in your responses to or post your comment below. 

Eat well to be well!