Nourse Farm Celebrates Food Day 2015

Nourse Farm had a recent opportunity to participate in Food Day.  What’s aren’t familiar with Food Day?!  Read on...

Food Day is a an initiative created by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) as a way to inspire individuals and communities throughout the United States to change our diets and our food policies by addressing food-related issues at our local, state and national levels.  Each year on October 24th, various Food Day events are organized that offer ways in which we can all celebrate real food and advocate for enhanced food policies.  

Nourse Farm was invited to participate in the Central Massachusetts Dietetic Association Food Day event, A Healthy Food System for Healthy Families on a Healthy Planet held on October 14th.  As the Resident Dietitian at Nourse Farm, I presented information about our Community Supported Agriculture program.  I gladly showcased the real food that we grow for not only our CSA members, but Farm Store customers and Pick-Your-Own enthusiasts.  My presentation highlighted the ways in which Nourse Farm seeks to connect folks with good food and celebrated the important role that farms can (and should) play. 

I was also able to share some of my observations of and interactions with our clientele...the ways that you shop together, plan your meals, choose your own produce, try new harvest items, ask food preparation questions, offer suggestions and most of all share your love of quality, local foods.  Though I did present this information on your behalf, I know that we participate in the food system together. 

What's on your plate?  Let's celebrate Food Day every day.  Eat well to be well...